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Connecting People, Building

Modernizing hiring through meaningful relationships and technology by bridging businesses with qualified industry professionals.

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Connecting People,Building
Futures Careers Dreams

Modernizing hiring through meaningful relationships and technology by bridging businesses with qualified industry professionals.

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The optimal conduit in the talent network

At HealthYes, we are passionately committed to your success. We harness cutting-edge technology and in-house recruiting techniques to forge meaningful connections between organizations and the most suitable candidates. With our team of experts boasting over 15 years of experience in niche industries, we stand out through our steadfast dedication to serving both our clients and candidates. We place people at the forefront of our approach while maintaining a high level of technological sophistication.


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Discover how we can uplift your organization. Our core services are tailored to align with your distinct hiring needs.











Customized Solutions Built for You

Short-Term Professionals

Short-term professionals can bring specialized skills and expertise to the organization without a long-term commitment, making them a flexible and cost-effective solution for employers. They are often employed as contractors, freelancers, or on a limited-duration basis to fulfill specific roles within an organization.

Long-Term Professionals

Includes specific terms, conditions, and commitments designed to ensure sustained collaboration and accountability between the involved parties throughout the extended duration. They are commonly used for large projects, ongoing services, and extended partnerships, allowing both parties to plan and manage their resources and expectations over the long haul.

Permanent Professionals

This typically involves a formal employment contract. Permanent hires are usually full-time employees and may be eligible for various benefits, including health insurance, retirement plans, and paid time off. This hiring approach is often used for roles where ongoing employment and commitment are essential. It contrasts with temporary or contract employment, which has a set duration or specified project scope.

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